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HissenIT Crococrypt Product Family Status of 2021 (Quo vadis?)

Added at 04/26/2021 by Frank Hissen

Also upon some user requests, we describe the current status of our Crococrypt Product Family in 2021 which includes our file encryption software CrococryptFile and CrococryptMirror as well as the CrococryptLib SDK for secure password handling and easy-to-use password-based encryption in tailor-made applications. To cut it short: All programs are still in active development and you receive support!

In this Article:

How it all started...

In 2015, the first version of CrococryptMirror – at that time simply called “Crococrypt” – was published as freeware and later renamed CrococryptMirror. Founder Frank Hissen has a long background in cryptography and software development. He developed encryption and PKI-based solutions for large enterprises. Because of some limitations of existing programs, we used own ‘scripts’ (based in Java) for encryption in certain circumstances and also customer communication.

One day, the idea arose that these non-public solutions could be of public interest if a user interface would be built around them. That became CrococryptMirror. Soon afterwards, CrococryptFile was published as open-source and still is. CrococryptLib followed a couple of month later – being an easy-to-use (without previous knowledge) SDK for secure password hashing (Java – Client/Server/Android), password-based encryption and a couple of utils around that. The basis which all encryption components of the Crococrypt Family are built upon.

Then and Now

All applications of the Crococrypt Software Family still receive user support and software updates. Major feature updates are in the planning. However, since no considerable monetarization occurred and the development and maintenance is costly, customer projects have an understandably higher priority. In any case – we are still using all software ourselves and in customer projects. Hence, we have own interests in keeping all components up-to-date and running!

All desktop applications run on current Windows 10, Linux and server support is potentially there as well – even MacOS would be possible.

We never ran ads, we never included additional software. We do not track users or usage of any Crococrypt product and never required any registration. Hence, we do not even know how many active users there are. The only indication or estimate we have, are the download numbers from our own website and some other sites distributing our software. For instance, CrococryptFile has 7,500 downloads on Sourceforge (Current Statistics):

"Many thanks to the developer for such a tool for encrypting files and folders!" (Testimonial)

"Probably one of the best free encryption programs out there." (Testimonial)

"Very good and easy to use software. Plus it's free." (Testimonial)

Currently, about 50 new downloads a week (Sourceforge alone). Yes, no huge user community. Still...we have our fans which seemed to have found the solution they have been looking for. Thank you for your feedback over the years! This is also how a Russian language file got created for CrococryptFile.

Feature Highlights




CrococryptMirror Pro

CrococryptMirror Pro was created as idea for (partly) monetizing the development. It is essentially always the next version of CrococryptMirror Free. In the future, maybe there will be further, specific commercial features. Unaffected by this is the further development and running support of the free version!

Feature Requests and Ideas

Many feature requests arrived us over the years, some very individual – some of interest for the community. To give the readers and the user community some impressions what could be done, even on the enterprise-level, we describe a couple of requests and own ideas shortly in the following.




Info Material – Videos, Tutorials, Screenshots, Articles, ...





We also feature content on YouTube: Homepage

We have also created a new and single location for all Crococrypt Products: Homepage


HissenIT is a small business focusing on software development and security consulting - offering special services from experience in IT security, web application security and encryption solutions.


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